The architecture and design of Maggie's Nottingham

The unusual shape and colour of Maggie’s Nottingham really make it stand out. Built in 2011, it appears almost to float among the trees, which shelter it from the main building of Nottingham City Hospital, and its sense of symmetry and shape create a sense of space and balance.


The interiors

The Nottingham Centre also has the most distinctive inside of any Maggie’s, with illustrious designer Sir Paul Smith, himself a famous son of Nottingham, designing the eclectic and beautiful interior. Colourful prints meet classic design and furniture, and every room has a different feel and atmosphere.

The garden

The landscape around Maggie’s Nottingham was designed by London-based practise Envert Studio, who focused on scent and texture when choosing the type of plants to use. They created a secluded and uplifting area which visitors can enjoy either from ground level, or from one of the several outdoor balcony spaces of the Centre itself.

“I am delighted to be involved in creating this centre for people living with cancer and their family and friends. It will be a great resource for everyone and a fantastic new addition to the city. Piers Gough is an incredible architect and it has been a joy to work together on the design.” Sir Paul Smith (interior design) 

“The idea is that you walk in and say ‘oh isn’t that a lovely fabric?’ or ‘isn’t that hideous?’ -whatever it provokes, at least it’s a kick-off of a conversation.”Paul Smith

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