The architecture and design of Maggie's Newcastle

Maggie’s Newcastle was built in 2013 and is a stylish, modern building with a very unusual, dish-shaped roof. 

The building

The roof not only accommodates two open-air garden spaces, but also a number of photovoltaic panels, which generate a proportion of the Centre’s power and make the building very low-energy.

The interior features lots of wood and clay tiles, materials chosen for their warm and calming properties. As with all Maggie’s Centres there is a large library, which here forms the central section of the Centre, and the rest of the building is divided into two wings - one contains counselling rooms and a large living room space, the other leads to the all-important kettle and kitchen table.

The garden

The Centre is set amidst banked wild flower gardens at ground level, with two additional roof gardens on top. This means there is a choice of outside spaces for people using the Centre to enjoy, with copper beeches, cherry blossom, crocuses, wild flowers and herbs planted to offer a seasonally responsive environment.


Based in Islington, North London, Ted Cullinan set up this architectural practise in 1965. Incorporating sustainability into the buildings they design has always been of the highest importance, and as a result their buildings tend to be “long-life, low-energy”.

Awards for Maggie's Newcastle

Building Better Healthcare Special Award - Patient's Choice (2013)

"Maggie's Centres aim at a wonderful balance of the moral with the aesthetic. We are thrilled to be involved."

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