The architecture and design of Maggie's Forth Valley

Set on the shore of a beautiful lochan close to ancient woodland, Maggie’s Forth Valley, designed by Garbers & James, will compliment its stunning natural setting perfectly.


The building

The design is a boathouse in the most classic sense, using finely crafted timbers in various forms and shapes defining the principal elements of both exterior and interior.

Outside, a clearly geometrically defined, timber umbrella seamlessly connects the wall to the roof, spanning out to invite and to give shelter.

Inside, large full-length wide timber planks create a warm setting. To complement the light floor, fine timbers on the ceiling reveal glimpses of colour from a specially developed colour chart behind them.

Soft dispersed light comes through skylights in the roof, enhancing the colour scheme of the interior.

Garbers & James is a London-based architectural and design practice, set up in 2005.

They are known for their work on major Public Institutions, including Tate Modern in London; Salisbury Cathedral and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada.

Garbers & James, also worked with Maggie’s in 2011 when they realised the design of Maggie’s Swansea from architect Kisho Kurokawa.

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