Running in memory of Barry

Tuesday 7 May

Running in memory of Barry

This month the fundraising team would like to pay a tribute to both our Centre Head Sally and her husband Jason for the months of commitment and adjustments to their family life in order for Jason to run the Virgin London Marathon 2019 for Maggie’s. 

Not only does Sally Hayes commit herself to Maggie’s Cheltenham and her role, but she has a husband who supports her too. Together they have fundraised nearly £6,500 for Maggie’s Cheltenham through sponsorships and events for Jason’s run.

Jason’s reasons for running the marathon where many, not only does he witness his wife and Maggie’s team commitment to helping those living with cancer, but also experienced the impact of having a close family friend pass away to cancer this year.

On the Sunday 28 April he dedicated his medal and achievement to his very good friend Barry, his family and the legacy Barry left behind. 

We would like to thank the Hayes family and Barry for their courage and hope the memories from the marathon and Barry’s friendship will live on through the centre for many years to come.