Social support

Professional Centre staff who offer expert advice

Professional Centre Staff 

Centre Head

Our Centre Heads oversee everything that happens in each Centre, supporting visitors, managing the programme of support and mentoring staff. Their background is typically as a senior NHS Oncology Nurse, Radiographer or Clinical Psychologist.


Our Psychologists support people to address a complex range of psychological issues through a range of therapeutic approaches. They offer support to individuals, couples and families as well as running timetabled group sessions.

Cancer Support Specialists

Our Cancer Support Specialists are experienced professionals, who offer high quality individual and group support to the people who visit our Centres. Through their initial conversations and ongoing support with each visitor they introduce people to the different types of support available, and help them to decide what they'd like to get out of Maggie's.

Benefits Advisors

Our Benefits Advisors help people to access and apply for all the benefits and grants they are entitled to, as well as providing support with other welfare issues. 

Relaxation Therapists

Our Relaxation Therapists run sessions and courses proven to help with anxiety, stress and pain relief. In some Centres these include massage therapy, reflexology and meditation.

Sessional staff

We also have members of staff who come into our Centres to provide sessions on nutrition, art therapy, tai chi and creative writing.

Centre Fundraisers

Our Centre Fundraisers are responsible for delivering local fundraising campaigns to raise awareness of Maggie's and to ensure that ongoing Centre costs are met.

"The emotional trauma can be just as difficult as the physical affects. For our cancer patients what Maggie’s does is vital."
Professor Bob Leonard, Clinical Director, Cancer Services, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

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