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Managing stress due to cancer

Managing Stress is a six-week course for anyone who has, or has had, cancer, and their families and friends.

The course introduces different methods of relaxation including: controlling anxious thoughts, meditation, visualisation and ‘quick’ or emergency relaxation.

You will be given handouts and a relaxation CD so you can practice your stress management techniques at home and learn to draw on these techniques at times of pressure and anxiety.

Our Cancer Support Specialist can offer advice on how to incorporate what you’ve learnt into your daily life after the course has finished.

Would you like to join our Managing Stress course? Please contact your local Centre to find out more and join the course. You can find your nearest Maggie’s Centre using the search tool below. You can also find information and support online.

Our Online Centre offers the same supportive community and practical, emotional and social support as you’ll find in all our Centres.

"Maggie’s was the perfect place and the perfect people to see us through the emotional turmoil that our families were facing."
Gordon Fraser, Maggie’s Gatehouse

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