Social support

Support for family and friends

Friends and Family is a six-week course for anyone caring for a person with cancer.

The Friends and Family course helps you learn more about cancer, its treatment and likely side effects. You can also learn about your role as a carer, and the impact cancer might have on your life.

The course covers practical things like eating well and how to take care of yourself and the person you’re caring for, as well as the emotional effects cancer might have on you. The course also explores relaxation techniques that can help you manage stress.

Support groups for family and friends are also available at Maggie’s Centres. Would you like to attend the Friends and Family course? Please contact your local Centre to book your place. You can find your nearest Maggie’s Centre using the search tool below.

You can also find information and support online. Our Online Centre offers the same supportive community and practical, emotional and social support as you’ll find in all our Centres.

"There's a feeling that you don't need the armoury around you that you do elsewhere. It falls away and you can talk to people. You know your family are suffering too, so you tend to put on a brave face."

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