Emotional support

Support for young people with parents with cancer

Children and young people whose parents have cancer can take part in Kids’ Days (for ages 7-13) and Teen Days (for ages 14-18), which run quarterly at some of our Centres.

Informal and creative, our Kids’ and Teen Days offer information about cancer and its treatment, as well as the chance to share stories and experiences.

The day includes a visit to the radiology and chemotherapy departments in the hospital with a Maggie’s Cancer Support Specialist and an NHS cancer nurse, where the young people can ask questions about their parents’ treatment. There is also time at the Centre for a shared lunch and sessions with an art and play therapist.

If you’d like to find out about Kids’ Days and Teen Days at Maggie’s, please contact your local Centre. You can find your nearest Maggie’s Centre using the search tool below.

You can also find information and support online. Our Online Centre offers the same supportive community and practical, emotional and social support as you’ll find in all our Centres.

"Emma had lost a lot of confidence, but after we visited Maggie’s, it felt like a light switch had been flicked. Her confidence came back instantly just by knowing the positive, 100 percent truth. She was like a different child."

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