Raise money

Return your fundraising

If you set up your online fundraising page on JustGiving the money you raise is returned automatically to us so you don’t need to do anything more.

If you fundraised offline then please follow these steps to make sure that the money you raised is attributed to your fundraising total.

How to send in your money

  • Complete a paying in form and place it in an envelope
  • Enclose your sponsorship form
  • Make sure that cheques are in date and made payable to Maggie’s Centres

Send all cheques and paperwork to:

The Gatehouse
10 Dumbarton Road
G11 6PA

Please don’t send us cash through the post, instead please bank it and send us a cheque or postal order to cover the amount or pay it directly to your JustGiving page.

Team fundraising

If you are fundraising as part of a team, please ensure that you tell us your team name so we know who the funds should be attributed to. Please also ensure that your donors are aware that they are contributing towards a team total and not to you individually.

Gift Aid

Your fundraising can be increased by 25% if your sponsors are eligible and tick the Gift Aid box when donating via your online fundraising page, or on your sponsorship form.

So for an eligible donation of £40, we can reclaim an extra £10 back in tax at no expense to you or the sponsor.