Living with cancer

Travel and cancer

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer may affect your ability to travel and will mean that travel insurance choices are restricted. However, if you plan ahead it should be possible to avoid many of the problems, allowing you to enjoy your holiday to the full. If you are still having or have only recently completed your treatment you should discuss your holiday plans in advance with your doctor or clinical nurse specialist.

Help with the cost of a holiday 

Some charities also provide holiday grants for people affected by cancer. You can find out more by visiting our Financial help section.

Travel insurance

Arranging travel insurance may be more difficult both during and after treatment for cancer. You can find out more by visiting our Insurance section.

Suntans: The effects of cancer and treatment 

Your skin may become more sensitive to damage from the sun during or following cancer treatments. The level of sensitivity will vary from person to person and will also depend on the type of treatment you have had. It is important that you protect your skin from the sun even after treatment has finished. You can find out more in our Tans and skin cancer section.