Living with cancer

Questions to ask after treatment

These are some questions that other people with cancer have suggested as useful to ask when your treatment finishes:

  • What sort of follow-up or check-ups will I be having and how often? 
  • Who should I contact if I have any questions or concerns?
  • What symptoms should I watch out for, and what should I do if I am worried about them? 
  • When can I stop worrying about infection?
  • Will I still have to take any medicines?
  • When will my weight be back to normal?
  • Can my GP arrange for someone to help me at home, if I need it?
  • Will I need any kind of palliative care?

If you have been affected by cancer in some way and would like to talk to someone about what you have read or need help finding information - you are welcome to drop into any Maggie’s Centre or to visit Maggie’s Online Centre and talk with a cancer support specialist.