Living with cancer

After treatment has finished

This section is about what happens after your main treatment has finished - getting back to daily living, symptoms to watch out for and what to do if you need more support and care. 

There is also a useful section about discharge from hospital, if at any point after treatment you have further in-patient admissions.

Key Points:

  • It nearly always takes time to get over the effects of your treatment If you are worried or feel you need extra help and support, there are services that can be organised for you at home. 
  • You will almost certainly need to come back to the hospital for check-ups from time to time so that the effects of your treatment can be monitored. 
  • Many people are cured of cancer and lead a normal life with normal life expectancy. Sometimes the original cancer returns or a new area of growth is found - this is called a reoccurrence. It does not mean that the cancer can not be treated again. 
  • It's natural to be anxious after treatment for cancer. At first you may find you are looking out for any new problems. If you have any worrying signs or symptoms between hospital appointments you should contact your hospital team or your GP.

If you have been affected by cancer in some way and would like to talk to someone about what you have read or need help finding information - you are welcome to drop into any Maggie’s Centre or to visit Maggie’s Online Centre and talk with a cancer support specialist.